Tuesday, 25 April 2017


I feel as though I haven't been very active on social media for a long time. I've been here and there but all in all not really there if you get my drift.

Some of you may be aware that I have had a very busy schedule for the past few months. Not only did I WIN my Personal independence tribunal, OHH and the most exciting news.. I moved into my own house!

Although at first, yes it was daunting thinking that I was going to be living alone whilst trying to control my seizures but I now have my own social worker who has been amazing. Not only has she put my mind at ease by installing a Telecare system into my home but she has made me aware of all of the other help I can get!

I've been living alone now for nearing on 3 months, I love it! Yes somedays I do feel a bit down due to my depression but that's when I take myself out of that situation and go and see my friends or family or even take my camera out on a little photography trip all whilst getting a breath of fresh air. Or I'll take those emotions and go to the gym where I have been able to release all of the bad and sad and really focus my energy on me, on creating a better, healthy and more self confident me.

I started YOUTUBE! yes you read right I uploaded my first video yesterday and I'm over the moon with the responses I've been receiving from family, friends and fellow epileptics. I'm already prepping to film another video which will be a little different but I won't just be posting videos based on epilepsy but I'll be posting haul videos, fitness, lifestyle, cooking etc. I'm open to suggestions :)
For now here is my first video I hope you all like it.

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