Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Volunteering experience in Cebu, Philippines. #Part 1

Let's GO, Hey ho!
So the day finally arrived when I begun my volunteering adventure. I was so ready for the ridiculous amount of travelling I had ahead of me. Basically 24 hours of travelling by car, train, coach, plane and minibus! So 7th January, I began travelling with a 3 hour train journey to London where we had our Pre-departure training [PPT] at the Indian YMCA where we spent the night before getting the coach to Heathrow airport where we caught our plane to Cebu via Singapore.

My travel experience was not my luckiest time I'd had. As they say bad luck always comes in three's! So it started on the flight to Singapore... 1. I spilt food down myself. 2. My yoghurt exploded in my face! That was so not cool! and finally once on our connecting flight to Cebu I thought my bad luck was over, but far from it! My travel pillow also decided it was going to explode all over me! This surely was the hardest thing to try and clean up! especially because the filling was micro-beads. Oh and at Heathrow airport I got my bag full on searched and swabbed! Scariest experience ever, even though I had done nothing wrong I clearly looked like I was a drug mule... I'm NOT by the way aha.

OMG Finally we made it to Cebu! 
Oh hey Lisa! 

Yeah so we finally landed in Cebu where we met by Lisa our UK team leader. CENDET our home for the next week was where we met the ICV's our counterparts!

Down to the nitty gritty.
In country orientation [ICO] this is where we got down to all the nitty gritty, and were informed about all the security and health risks etc etc. Lot's of fun information that has disappeared out of my head. Oh and not forgetting all the fun energizers we did! Was awesome getting to know everyone, and was even more excited to find out who I'd be matched up with for our host homes and work placements!

And then it was farewell! Not forever, don't worry, we found out where we were all going to be living for the next 3 months and with whom! So excitedddddd!!! I'm gonna be staying with Tin, Sarah and Evie! and Tita Dolorus's home! Whoop whoop!

This is our BEAutiful family! Ahaha. 

Keep a look out for my Next post for Weeks 3-4! :)

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